Things You Should Know About the Recipes

At the moment, the photos attached to the recipes are stock images, chosen to approximate the look of the dishes. So, expect some variation when you cook them. As we establish the website, we will switch to our own photography.

Also, the recipes were all written on bits of paper: the backs of envelopes, the flip sides of flyers, and on pages torn from exercise books. Most of them are covered in food stains. Rosemary seemed to like this kind of organic and chaotic filing system, as though each time she went to the cupboard, she would rediscover a treat.

The ingredient list for each recipe is complete, but occasionally the method instructions aren’t, as she kept much of her knowledge in her head. So, expect to cook some of these recipes once, to get to know them. You might then need to make small adjustments for the next time. Trust your instinct and the magic will come.